With our big-bag discharge stations, you master the clean discharge of bulk materials such as plastic granulate (PE, PP, PA, TPE, PET and PVC), PET flakes, regrind, regranulate, but also products such as sugar, flour, starch, malt, dry clay and quartz sand.

Bridge-forming materials are loosened up in the big bag by special installations. We guarantee dust-free discharge by means of different variants of clamping devices that fix the big bag outlet.

Normaly, the bulk material is emptied into an intermediate hopper from where it is conveyed further.
These hoppers can be optionally equipped with dust extraction, discharge aids, suction nozzles or other connections for conveyor systems.

Optional accessories
Loading gear for crane or forklift truck
Fulling unit
Docking station
Pulling device
Inflation hose
Intermediate container with service opening
Air loosening device
Suction pipes

robust construction
user-friendly opening of the BIG-BAGs
low-dust emptying
Connection options for various conveying and discharge systems