Project Description

  • easy handling with electrical chain block or with fork lift
  • robust construction (Static Calculation available)
  • single installation of the station on hall foundation
  • integrated safety frame
  • operator friendly opening of the big-bag outlets till . 500 mm
  • parts with product contact made from Stainless Steel AISI 304 or Aluminum
  • intermediate bin with control opening and possibility of sack discharge
  • low dust discharge (mechanically or pneumatically)
  • Tumbling System as discharge device for restricted flowable bulk goods
  • Vibrating Table as discharge device
  • Weighing System for big-bag-discharge
  • electronic control system (Touch-Panel for example) for automatic big-bag-discharge
  • Double Station with one big receiving hopper
  • several connections for feeding systems available
  • discharge of big-bags with max. height of 3000 mm possible
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