Discharge systems ensure the smooth emptying of silos and containers.
If bulk materials are stored whose free discharge is not or not always guaranteed, this is supported by mechanical loosening.

Vibrating hoppers
These hoppers are flanged to the outlet as an extension of the hopper.
By mounting unbalanced motors, vibrations are generated which loosen up the stored material and this support the discharge.

By using metal-reinforced compound materials, an air-permeable and fine-pored coating is created in the cone. This technique causes the uniform penetration of air into the bulk material, like microfine powdered substances of all kinds. The result is a uniform and unproblematic flow of material.

Pneumaticdischarge aid
With this system, several special nozzles are attached to the silo cone in a specific arrangement. Targeted air blasts loosen up the stored material and dissolve any product bridges that may exist.