Today, mixing and homogenising silos are more important than ever. The quality requirements of our customers are constantly increasing. We supply you with high-quality and customised mixing silos made of aluminium and stainless steel to suit your requirements.

Variant 1 “Mixing screw”:
With a vertically inserted mixing screw, which we can design either open or closed, you can achieve the highest mixing accuracy with extremely gentle product mixing. Often, just one pass/recirculation is enough to achieve the desired mixing result.
The silos with mixing screw are available in sizes from 5 m  -120 m  and are offered as indoor and outdoor silos.

Variant 2 “mixing tube”:
Another technique of mixing is the silo with a central mixing pipe. The benefit here is that different batches, which are filled in one after the other, can be removed again in mixed order via the openings in the mixing tube.

Variant 3 “Mixing cone”:
The mixing cone can be used individually or in combination with a mixing tube. In this case, mixing is also achieved by the bulk material being able to flow out of different areas of the silo at the same time.

Silos with a mixing tube or mixing cone are static mixers. Therefore, silo sizes from 10 m  -400 m  are possible.